Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track)

TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track) was a great show with a lessor known team emerging victorious.

Round 1

1) What was invented by 29 yr old Felix in 1899 when working in a chemical factory.


2) 'SSP ticker', books Grand Hyatt Washington DC on a special day every year.


3) In 1940s, US post started 'V mail' or 'Victory mail'. Give funda

In order to optimally utilize transport space during WW II, mails were scanned onto photofilms and transported.

4) In 1957, whirlpool developed Zg refrigerators. What does Zg stand for?

Zero Gravity

5) P3 is a UK based company that bouniture from Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh. This scrap was later sold in Uk. Put funda.

Furniture designed by Le Corbusier bought as scrap and sold as Antique in UK

6) What does Pinnawala Orphanage produce in Srilanka.

It's an elephant orphanage and produces stationary out of Elephant dung

Round 2

1) Most are made in the "traditional style" or 'Chalet', some more trivia.

Cuckoo clocks

2) Before surgeons, which professionals used to perform surgeries in UK.


3) Pic of bikini island. Identify the product.


4) Pic of Hafeez contractor & HP. Put funda

Hafeez appeared in HP ads and was subsequently banned from practicing by the Architects association

5) Pic given What did it give us.

The word 'Sedan'

6) Pic shown. what?

First Cash coupon ever issued by the Govt. of Bikaner

7) Pawnbroker's symbol

8) Pic of person given. Identify the landmark.

pic of Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, BSE

9) IMoLIN. What?

Organization to track money laundering

Round 3

1) Qtn on Shayamal Gupta

2) Nano homes


3) Qtn on Homai Vyarawala

Tata Nano


Tata Tea

Round 5

1) Pic of some of Lady Diana's social initiatives. Song by Elton John played.

Lady Diana

2) Pic of tiger, palm tree and James Taylor. Voice of Dr. Manmohan Singh as RBI governor.


3) Qtn on Bubbagump Shrimp company

4) Bhagvad gita audio played in the background. Akshya tritiya pic, some more pics


5) Founded in Lahore in 1894, pic of Lala Lajpatrai, logo of Dalmia Group


6) Pic of Ronit Roy, Shahid kapoor song from Kaminey, some pics


7) Indian, old factory pic, song from Mangal Pandey.

Royal Enfield

8) Pic of iphone, vodafone ad, India Book house

ACK Media

Round 5

1) Qtn on Mr. Eliyahu Goldratt

2) Question on Bell company

3) Question on Back Swan

TATA Crucible Corporate Finals 09 (Internal Track)

As promised earlier, TATA Crucible finals qtns are posted here:

Round 1 & 2

1) Pic of Sumant Malgaonkar shown. Identify the brand.

Tata Sumo

2) A refrigerator diagram shown. Who's behind the diagram.

Albert Einstein

3) Discovered by Anselme Payen and named as.... some more trivia.


4) Winston Churchill famously said about it " In victory deserve it, in defeat need it"

Pol Roger

5) Jerseys from Tour de France were shown. Identify the event.

Tour de France

6) Old logo of US post

7) Developed by Sandeep & Ketan Shah, this vegetable form of a product created enough controversy in UK.

Vegetarian condom

8) Founded in 1918 as Shokosha Watch Research Institute.

Citizen Watch co

9) Game developed by FX technologies and apes Max Payne's style.

Ghajini movie game

10) APCD model pic.

Edward Deming

11) Developed by Albert Pick & published by Krause publications. What is Pick catalog for?


12) Some qtn on initial marketing campaign of sunlight soap by Lever brothers

13) Some qtn on Pizza hut

14) Pic of Raflesia flower & founder

Raffles hotel

15) 3 books shown. Author?

Dalai Lama

Round 3 (Tata round)

1) Kellogs honey loops campaign.

Tata Elxsi

2) Croma tieup to promote kitchen products

Wander chef by Sanjeev Kapoor

3) Tata press JV qtn

4) Tata Precision Industries prmoted by which bank from Singapore


5) Merrin Pharma was founded in 1958. Who was the principal partner.


Round 4

1) Pic of Courtney co & Preity zinta

Cox & Kings

2) Pic of Calvin Kelein & God Prahlad

CK Prahlad

3) Thomas cook

4) Dutch flag, a sheel & Royal crown

Royal Dutch Shell

Round 5

1) This term came into being in 1929 in New York World Magazine


2) book 'Leader in me'

Steven Covey

3) Began his career at 'Asian Travel Writer's association' & some other trivia.

Dewang Mehta

4) Died in 1860 at Kolkatta of dysentry, some other trivia

J M Wilson of Economist

5) Definition of Crucible

After a great show, TCS succeeded in successfuly defending their title.

Monday, October 5, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 (Semi final 2)

Semi Finals 2

Round 1

1) 'S in motion' is a program by which steel major to reduce the weight of cars by 20%.

Arcelor Mittal

2) Trivia on AXA logo

3) What does GSM stand for in the paper industry.

Grams per sq.m

4) X is Australian English word meaning a small lake, specifically an oxbow lake, a section of still water adjacent to a river, cut off by a change in the watercourse, cf. an oxbow lake.


5) Acqusition of which company led to ownership of brands like KitKat, etc to Nestle


6) What was founded by Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky & Jen Hsun Huang in 1993?


Round 2

1) X was the term used by the Romans to refer to the Roman province covering much of the island of Great Britain. The area beyond the Antonine Wall belonging to the Picts in the north was known as Caledonia. The name itself derives from Pretannia,[1] Diodorus's rendering of the indigenous name for the Pretani people whom the Greeks believed to inhabit the British Isles.


2) Which organisation was created in 1936 and people like FE Dinshaw, Khataus etc associated with it.


3) Some qtn on commodity trade code

4) What began at the 'Green Room' on March 27, 1956 as the free enterprise.

Nani Palkiwala's annual budget speech

5) Company Zespri has a patent for?

Kiwi Fruit

6) What word originated form the italian for 'to train horses'


7) What is the difference between 'Whiskey' & 'Whisky'

Whiskey doesn't contain coffee

8) Sir Isaac Pitman qho gave us shorthand writing, something trivia on penny plate was the first instance of what?

First Correspondence course

9) In 1904, a Russian immigrant, Hyman Kirsch, founded a soft drink business in New York City. This was the first instance of?

Diet plan

Round 3

1) Some qtn on American Express

2) Qtn on the latest Mont Blanc Gandhi pen

3) Wilson Greatbatch invented in 1970. What?

Artificial Pacemaker

4) pic of 'OK' brand was given Identify the parent.

Coca Cola

5) Pic of coins was given. Identfiy the significance.

coins to commensurate Suez canal

6) Hathiwala cream & other trivia.


7) Marzotta Group now owns it.

Hugo Boss

8) "Facts of life" book published by whom?



1) 'Trick or Treat' box during halloween. Which nobel winning organization?


2) Named after Mallik and Dilhan


TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 (Semi final 1)

The TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 was a fiercely bought battle with all teams looking to secure a place in the prestigious finals. Many reviews will be written about the same on different blogs in dayz to come, so let us come straight to the questions!!

Semi finals 1

Round 1

1) This worldwide household item was invented by Chapel Carter in 1896 and is associated with cleanliness, hygeine etc etc.

Nail clipper

2) What does NAEST stand for in US?

North America Eastern Standard Time

3) This famous inventor was the master of Royal mint?

Isaac Newton

4) ISO 4217 is the international standard describing 3 letter codes for what?

Currency Codes (like INR for indian ruppee)

5) Brands Sanex & Radox were bought by Unilever from?


6) What was recently dubbed as a money spinner for the publishing industry and called "Project Soloman's Key".

Dan Brown's The Last Symbol

Round 2

1) This term originated in 19th century to denote unfinished business. It took its current meaning in 1904. Symptoms include dehydration, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.


2) Invented in 1935 by William Byler as a concept by the name of Black light.

UV light

3) Some qtn on Mueller Athletic tape

4) Two companies 'Wolf Ollins' & 'Keno Design' were in the race for it.

London Olympics logo

5) The most famous single copy of this is a 1937 edition owned by S W Swanton. some more trivia.

Wisden Almanack

6) Created by Wieden+Kennedy and later adopted by icons like John Kerry, Matt Damon etc

Livestrong Wristbands

7) It is marketed as 'For the cold & freaky, ....'

Heath Ledger Mask

8) A barren land was bought in 1840 by Lord Aukland. He had two daughter Emilie & Fannie who developed it into a garden. Some more history trivia.

Eden Gardens

Round 3

1) It is a tribe of warrior woman in Greece.


2) Pic of Tamiflu formula

3) Pic of balance scorecard

4) Logo of Mysore paints & Varnishes

5) Three words written on Fugio coin series

Mind your business

6) Pic of Charles Ponzi

Round 4

1) Peregrine Falcons and a pic of book 'Changing focus'.


2) Some qtn on an indian company

3) 1st foreigner to appear on british stamp

M K Gandhi

4) D360 is the new venture of

Capt Gopinath

5) Launched first in the mexican market in 1960s followed by worldwide launch. Ultra. filter etc some varieties.