Wednesday, May 28, 2008

QUIZ autopsyy # 4 (classic prints # 2)

Here r some more of d uber classic gems of al lets c how many u get....!!
Mail the answers to within a week, SORRY as usual no prizes for winners..!!but a worth mention on the leaders board..!! CHEERS..!!

Answers with Scores in a weeks time.
1) A comical ad..but for what?

2) A "mighty________jet" .....what is the ad really for??

3) Who is announcing what???

4) Ad for what????

5) Action...indeed...but for whom?????

QUIZ autopsyy # 3 Key

1) George Eastman
2) Bell telephone (only AT & T won’t do)
3) Wrigley’s Big red chewing gum
4) Movie 'Airplane' poster by Paramount pictures
5) Ford

Thursday, May 22, 2008

QUIZZ autosyy # 3 : classic PRINTS!!

Here r some of d most classic gems of al its ur turn to identify the organizations behind these..!!
Mail the answers to within a week, SORRY no prizes for winners..!!
Answers with Scores in a weeks time.

1) Identify the famous personality on whom this cartoon is based...?? (enough clues in d pic)

2) Identify the company adertising somthing so much an intimate part of our daily lives?? (d pic answers it all)

3) Identify the advertiser of this uber classic ad?? ( hint: recently in news for a gr8 takeover)

4) What is being advertised and whos d well known entertaining advertiser??

5) d famous automobile manufacturer??

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

QUIZ autopsyy 2 key

1) Methuselah Mouse Prize or Mprize, a growing $4.5 million prize started in 2003 to accelerate research into slowing and reversing cellular aging and breakdown in humans.

2) James Nicholas "Jim" Gray, Microsoft scientist who went missing on January 28, 2007 during a solo trip to Farallon islands.

3) George Orwell: Writer of book 1984, on which the Apple Macintosh 1984 launch campaign was based
Paul Rand: Designer of Apple Logo
Eric Schmidt: CEO of Google, is a director on apple board

4) Mark Zuckerberg

5) Ram Shriram, co-founder of Google

6) Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss who founded ConnectU. They filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging Zuckerberg had illegally used source code intended for the website they asked him to build for them.

7) Peter Thiel, Founder-ex CEO of Paypal, Facebook angel investor.

8) Delhi Press group, All magazines are published by them

9) Google Android, Google’s mobile OS

10) Aamir Khan productions

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quiz autopsyy # 1 key

1) Scott Adams of Dilbert
2) BPL Mobile
3) Pepsico
5) Chennai Superkings
Vijay: Chennai Superkings Ambassador
N. Srinivasan of India cements
6) Time Magazine had a green cover border in 2008 to signify Global warming and
that the magazine has now gone green.
7) TTK Group
T.T. Krisnamachari
TTK group started off in 1928 as a Unilever dealership
TTK group has a JV with SSL International PLC (makers of Durex)
8) Ram Charan
9) David Filo
10) Mensa

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quiz Autopsyy 2..!!
Mail ur answers to within a week. Answers along with scores will be put in a weeks time. HAPPY QUIZZINN..!!
1) Logo of what?
2) Worldwide telescope a new service launched recently by Microsoft is provided free in remembrance of whom?

3) Connect?

4) Born to a Jewish-American family, raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy where he was a resident of Browning House and was recruited by both Microsoft and AOL in his senior year due to a hacking project. Instead, he opted to attend Harvard University. At Harvard, he was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. who?
5) Identify?
6) Identify these people, what they founded and what lawsuit are they involved in?

7) Identify the famous personality.

8) Connect
Alive, Mukta, Sarita, Champak.
9) Logo of what?
10) Which organization?

Friday, May 9, 2008

In these dayz of super vellagiri, here I am wid a quiz of ma own. I’l try to post a quiz whenever possible. The quiz will mostly be business related but at times may also throw some googlies. People should mail the answers at within a week. Answers along with scores will be posted in about 10 dayz time. HAPPY QUIZZIN..!!..!!
1) Identify this gentleman?

2) Which company has launched a service called “Bartender WAP”?

3) Which company recently won the contract to source barley worth INR 20 crores from farmers in Rajasthan for UB group?

4) Which Indian entity has launched the first of all India women’s BPO blog?

5) Connect.

6) Recently Time magazine (in 2008) had a cover border color other than red. What was the color and what was its significance?
7) Connect.

8) Identify.

9) identify the gentleman.

10) Which organization?