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TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track)

TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track) was a great show with a lessor known team emerging victorious.

Round 1

1) What was invented by 29 yr old Felix in 1899 when working in a chemical factory.


2) 'SSP ticker', books Grand Hyatt Washington DC on a special day every year.


3) In 1940s, US post started 'V mail' or 'Victory mail'. Give funda

In order to optimally utilize transport space during WW II, mails were scanned onto photofilms and transported.

4) In 1957, whirlpool developed Zg refrigerators. What does Zg stand for?

Zero Gravity

5) P3 is a UK based company that bouniture from Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh. This scrap was later sold in Uk. Put funda.

Furniture designed by Le Corbusier bought as scrap and sold as Antique in UK

6) What does Pinnawala Orphanage produce in Srilanka.

It's an elephant orphanage and produces stationary out of Elephant dung

Round 2

1) Most are made in the "traditional style" or 'Chalet', some more trivia.

Cuckoo clocks

2) Before surgeons, which professionals used to perform surgeries in UK.


3) Pic of bikini island. Identify the product.


4) Pic of Hafeez contractor & HP. Put funda

Hafeez appeared in HP ads and was subsequently banned from practicing by the Architects association

5) Pic given What did it give us.

The word 'Sedan'

6) Pic shown. what?

First Cash coupon ever issued by the Govt. of Bikaner

7) Pawnbroker's symbol

8) Pic of person given. Identify the landmark.

pic of Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, BSE

9) IMoLIN. What?

Organization to track money laundering

Round 3

1) Qtn on Shayamal Gupta

2) Nano homes


3) Qtn on Homai Vyarawala

Tata Nano


Tata Tea

Round 5

1) Pic of some of Lady Diana's social initiatives. Song by Elton John played.

Lady Diana

2) Pic of tiger, palm tree and James Taylor. Voice of Dr. Manmohan Singh as RBI governor.


3) Qtn on Bubbagump Shrimp company

4) Bhagvad gita audio played in the background. Akshya tritiya pic, some more pics


5) Founded in Lahore in 1894, pic of Lala Lajpatrai, logo of Dalmia Group


6) Pic of Ronit Roy, Shahid kapoor song from Kaminey, some pics


7) Indian, old factory pic, song from Mangal Pandey.

Royal Enfield

8) Pic of iphone, vodafone ad, India Book house

ACK Media

Round 5

1) Qtn on Mr. Eliyahu Goldratt

2) Question on Bell company

3) Question on Back Swan

TATA Crucible Corporate Finals 09 (Internal Track)

As promised earlier, TATA Crucible finals qtns are posted here:

Round 1 & 2

1) Pic of Sumant Malgaonkar shown. Identify the brand.

Tata Sumo

2) A refrigerator diagram shown. Who's behind the diagram.

Albert Einstein

3) Discovered by Anselme Payen and named as.... some more trivia.


4) Winston Churchill famously said about it " In victory deserve it, in defeat need it"

Pol Roger

5) Jerseys from Tour de France were shown. Identify the event.

Tour de France

6) Old logo of US post

7) Developed by Sandeep & Ketan Shah, this vegetable form of a product created enough controversy in UK.

Vegetarian condom

8) Founded in 1918 as Shokosha Watch Research Institute.

Citizen Watch co

9) Game developed by FX technologies and apes Max Payne's style.

Ghajini movie game

10) APCD model pic.

Edward Deming

11) Developed by Albert Pick & published by Krause publications. What is Pick catalog for?


12) Some qtn on initial marketing campaign of sunlight soap by Lever brothers

13) Some qtn on Pizza hut

14) Pic of Raflesia flower & founder

Raffles hotel

15) 3 books shown. Author?

Dalai Lama

Round 3 (Tata round)

1) Kellogs honey loops campaign.

Tata Elxsi

2) Croma tieup to promote kitchen products

Wander chef by Sanjeev Kapoor

3) Tata press JV qtn

4) Tata Precision Industries prmoted by which bank from Singapore


5) Merrin Pharma was founded in 1958. Who was the principal partner.


Round 4

1) Pic of Courtney co & Preity zinta

Cox & Kings

2) Pic of Calvin Kelein & God Prahlad

CK Prahlad

3) Thomas cook

4) Dutch flag, a sheel & Royal crown

Royal Dutch Shell

Round 5

1) This term came into being in 1929 in New York World Magazine


2) book 'Leader in me'

Steven Covey

3) Began his career at 'Asian Travel Writer's association' & some other trivia.

Dewang Mehta

4) Died in 1860 at Kolkatta of dysentry, some other trivia

J M Wilson of Economist

5) Definition of Crucible

After a great show, TCS succeeded in successfuly defending their title.

Monday, October 5, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 (Semi final 2)

Semi Finals 2

Round 1

1) 'S in motion' is a program by which steel major to reduce the weight of cars by 20%.

Arcelor Mittal

2) Trivia on AXA logo

3) What does GSM stand for in the paper industry.

Grams per sq.m

4) X is Australian English word meaning a small lake, specifically an oxbow lake, a section of still water adjacent to a river, cut off by a change in the watercourse, cf. an oxbow lake.


5) Acqusition of which company led to ownership of brands like KitKat, etc to Nestle


6) What was founded by Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky & Jen Hsun Huang in 1993?


Round 2

1) X was the term used by the Romans to refer to the Roman province covering much of the island of Great Britain. The area beyond the Antonine Wall belonging to the Picts in the north was known as Caledonia. The name itself derives from Pretannia,[1] Diodorus's rendering of the indigenous name for the Pretani people whom the Greeks believed to inhabit the British Isles.


2) Which organisation was created in 1936 and people like FE Dinshaw, Khataus etc associated with it.


3) Some qtn on commodity trade code

4) What began at the 'Green Room' on March 27, 1956 as the free enterprise.

Nani Palkiwala's annual budget speech

5) Company Zespri has a patent for?

Kiwi Fruit

6) What word originated form the italian for 'to train horses'


7) What is the difference between 'Whiskey' & 'Whisky'

Whiskey doesn't contain coffee

8) Sir Isaac Pitman qho gave us shorthand writing, something trivia on penny plate was the first instance of what?

First Correspondence course

9) In 1904, a Russian immigrant, Hyman Kirsch, founded a soft drink business in New York City. This was the first instance of?

Diet plan

Round 3

1) Some qtn on American Express

2) Qtn on the latest Mont Blanc Gandhi pen

3) Wilson Greatbatch invented in 1970. What?

Artificial Pacemaker

4) pic of 'OK' brand was given Identify the parent.

Coca Cola

5) Pic of coins was given. Identfiy the significance.

coins to commensurate Suez canal

6) Hathiwala cream & other trivia.


7) Marzotta Group now owns it.

Hugo Boss

8) "Facts of life" book published by whom?



1) 'Trick or Treat' box during halloween. Which nobel winning organization?


2) Named after Mallik and Dilhan


TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 (Semi final 1)

The TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 was a fiercely bought battle with all teams looking to secure a place in the prestigious finals. Many reviews will be written about the same on different blogs in dayz to come, so let us come straight to the questions!!

Semi finals 1

Round 1

1) This worldwide household item was invented by Chapel Carter in 1896 and is associated with cleanliness, hygeine etc etc.

Nail clipper

2) What does NAEST stand for in US?

North America Eastern Standard Time

3) This famous inventor was the master of Royal mint?

Isaac Newton

4) ISO 4217 is the international standard describing 3 letter codes for what?

Currency Codes (like INR for indian ruppee)

5) Brands Sanex & Radox were bought by Unilever from?


6) What was recently dubbed as a money spinner for the publishing industry and called "Project Soloman's Key".

Dan Brown's The Last Symbol

Round 2

1) This term originated in 19th century to denote unfinished business. It took its current meaning in 1904. Symptoms include dehydration, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.


2) Invented in 1935 by William Byler as a concept by the name of Black light.

UV light

3) Some qtn on Mueller Athletic tape

4) Two companies 'Wolf Ollins' & 'Keno Design' were in the race for it.

London Olympics logo

5) The most famous single copy of this is a 1937 edition owned by S W Swanton. some more trivia.

Wisden Almanack

6) Created by Wieden+Kennedy and later adopted by icons like John Kerry, Matt Damon etc

Livestrong Wristbands

7) It is marketed as 'For the cold & freaky, ....'

Heath Ledger Mask

8) A barren land was bought in 1840 by Lord Aukland. He had two daughter Emilie & Fannie who developed it into a garden. Some more history trivia.

Eden Gardens

Round 3

1) It is a tribe of warrior woman in Greece.


2) Pic of Tamiflu formula

3) Pic of balance scorecard

4) Logo of Mysore paints & Varnishes

5) Three words written on Fugio coin series

Mind your business

6) Pic of Charles Ponzi

Round 4

1) Peregrine Falcons and a pic of book 'Changing focus'.


2) Some qtn on an indian company

3) 1st foreigner to appear on british stamp

M K Gandhi

4) D360 is the new venture of

Capt Gopinath

5) Launched first in the mexican market in 1960s followed by worldwide launch. Ultra. filter etc some varieties.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

In-Quizzitors '09

"In-Quizzitors" 09, a corporate quiz is being organized in aid of Concern India Foundation, a non-profit organization.

QM: Lloyd Saldanha
Lots of Amazing prizes to be won by both participants and the audience !
Date : 16th May'09,Saturday
Participation : 35 teams (approx.)
Time : 10.30am to 3.00pm
Venue : A five star hotel in the heart of Delhi
Format : Written Preliminary Elimination Rounds

Final round with 6 teams.

Team of 2

Last year's Participants : Citibank, GSK, E&Y, Kotak, Accenture, Leo Burnett, JWT, NTPC, BMR Advisors, Brand Planet consultants etc.

Last Year's Prize Sponsors : Nokia, Swarovski, Neemrana Hotels, Radisson Hotel, Sarovar Hotel, Benetton, TGIF & Amway.

To Register Call at : 011-26210998/ 97, 26224478 / 82

Concern India Foundation,Started in 1991, is an Indian, non-profit, public charitable trust that supports development-oriented organizations working with the most vulnerable people of our society in the areas of education, health & community development.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idea Brand Equity Pune Review & Questions

Its been a long time since i posted anything, i guess corporate life keeps one busy with little time left for quizzing. Newayz Idea Brand Equity Pune round was a grand affair and possibly the best venue so far. Questions were good and ambience great. Audience prizes were really cool and there was something for everyone present. I also attended the Mumbai round on sunday but din't note down the questions as Derek made it clear beforehand that he doesn't appreciate questions circulating online...but i am sure someone else will definitely put them online. I even missed out on a cool audience prize as Derek din't like me jotting down the questions (he said so when i answered the audience question and so no regular audience prize for me) The Pune questions are given below:
Pune Prelims
1) New hotel at Wakad in Pune? (Sponsor qtn)
2) Highest tax payer politician for 2008-09?
3) Richie Rich's butler?
4) 65% of world diamond production from which continent?
5) If u serving Dom Perignon, what u serving?
6) which port did King Charles buy for 10 pounds in gold in 1668?
Mumbai port
7) Member of Brickcon, so fan of which brand?
8) First indian actress to have her foot cast at the Salvatore Ferragamo museum? (options were given)
Priyanka Chopra
9) Which city has no subway system for commuter? (options wer given)
Los Angeles
10) Highest ranking & highest earning Indian on PGA tour in 2008?
Jeev Mikha Singh
11) Which organization is responsible for security at airports?
12) 50000 black and yellow taxis in mumbai have now become...
13) Some trivia on the origin of "fanta" brand name
14)Which industrialist won assembly elections from gorakhpur-benarus constituency? (ptions given)
G D Birla
15) ' You are Fired' is what Donald Trump says to eliminated candidates on The Apprentice. What does Martha Stewart Say?
16) Kam Air is the first private airline of which country?
17) Some quote from Peter Drucker
18) Onion______ season lasts from August to November (Rabi or Kharif)
19) Indian brand with a green date palm symbolizi9ng logo which stands for puriyt?
20) Which country has got the biggest loan from IMF in the current crisis? (options given)
21) E-commerce term where two computer networks meet and exchange data?
22) Nicholas Cadbury said "There is no such thing as a career _____, it is crazy paving & you have to lay it urself"
23) British equivalent of german AG
24) 2005 Padma Bhushan awardee, IIT-Rorkee & Stanford graduate. IT field.
Azim Premji
26) Print Ad from Maharastra Tourism
27) Pic of Australian Open ball boys. Which insurance company sponsors?
Aviva Ball Boys
28) Cover of "It Happened in India"
29) Pic of PUMA animal.
30) Print ad of Dr. Scholls Shoes.

1) Southwest airline has been _____ for the last 23yrs?
2) What was Barbie's original profession?
3) C. Rajagopalachari gave the term?
License Raj
4) 1961 act, section 29 of indian constitution. what?
Dowry Prohibition Act
5) Baharia Paints & Travels owned by?
Pakistan Army
6) Head & Shoulders print ad
7) Pic of Golden Peacock award
8) Pic of Alan Greenspan
9) Pic of Blu Ray Disc
10) Pic of Speedee. Who's the new mascot?
Ronald Mcdonald
11) Pic of poster of Malamaal Weekly
12) some question on Basmati rice with the chemical responsible for its aroma
13) Mosi Beer is named after which world heritage site?
Victoria Falls
14) Section 23 of SEBI says.....
Crown Jewels
15) in 1960's, Mumbai's Ratan Khatri & Kalyanji Bhagat were pioneers of what?
16) TFM is measured for which product?
Soap (it is Total Fat Content)
17) First commercial woman to find space at Madam Tussauds?
Singapore Airlines Girl
18) Awards given by Maharastra Commision for Woman : Duryodhan & Ravan. what is Duryodhan for?
Gender Insensitiveness towards woman in ads
19) What is Taxodous?
Going to Tax HAven to file tax as tax filling is difficult in host country
20) A campaign to entice Americans to fly to Havana "Bathe in ____ _____ in 2hrs from now"
Bacardi Rum
21) Biological name of species given. Which bird?
22) What is 'Share of Voice' concept?
Percentage of Ad spend that a particular brand commands out of the total ad spend for that product category
23) Some question on the inventors of Breast Implants
24) John Abraham ad. what for?
To vote
25) Some song containing 'Chevrolet" in it. singer?
Elton John
26) Some Radio Mirchi jingle. Composer?
A R Rahman
27) Clip from "Traffic signal" movie. Identify movie.
28) Song from 'Hum aapke hain kaun". Identify movie?
29) Naiki Mandi slum in UP makes its living from?
selling Taj Mahal Replics
30) What is a 'Perkin's Brailler'
Braille Type Writer
31) Apparel Brand which has 4Ls in its name? (Sponsor Qtn)
Allen Solly
32) Last S means what in 5 S's concept?
to sustain
33) In 1928, Thomas Dilluri company was very powerful in India. why?
Printed all currency notes

Sorry din't take down the Mumbai qtns as Derek would'nt have like it. But the Mumbai round was superb and Derek as usual SIMPLY GREAT.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Amity Business Quiz ‘Prashna’ Review..!!

Prashna ’09 Quiz conducted by Amity Business School, Noida was a well planned and coordinated affair. Hospitality was simply great coupled with an amazing attendance. Institute Director Dr. Srivastava was present throughout the event and personally ensured a successful quiz. Organizing team and the institute in general was petty excited about the event and this was palpable from the ambience.
Although the finals were a bit lengthy, QM Gautam Bose ensured that people remained hooked onto their seats. As usual with QM Gautam’s quizzes, questions were good and a quizzer’s delight. I personally like Gautam’s quizzes for their excellent content and the fact that the answers never fail to surprise one. The event was very closely contested and four teams were in contention to win it had they answered the last question of the quiz. Eventually Bimtech won followed by IMT-Ghaziabad in the second position (IMT-G lost by 1point).
I won’t be posting the questions as QM Gautam doesn’t like his quizzes to circulate online. In one sentence ‘Prashna 09 was well coordinated and a truly entertaining affair’.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sail Golden Jubilee Quiz Questions..!!

As Promised earlier, here i am with the Sail Quiz questions. There were two semifinals followed by a final for the Sail employees only quiz. Apart from this, north zone round and all India finals were also held at India Habitat Center in Delhi. Instead of presenting all quizzes differently, i have clubbed questions together.
1) 'Citizen First' is the motto / tagline of which organization?
Delhi Police
2) In collaboration with which Indian celebrity has the TSA group launched a realty project in Dubai off the Ras Al Khaimah coast?
Sharukh Khan
3) Some quote by Abraham Lincoln
4) 'Yeh World Hamara Hai' tagline of?
Indian Idol
5) Pic of Anita Roddick
6) Pic of HBS prof. Rakesh Khurana
7) Most searched on Google in 2008?
Sarah Palin
8) Pics of Rama Raju & Teja Raju
9) Pic of Bernard Madoff
10) JV partner of in Funskool
11) Sole maker of Swiss knife in the world
12) Parent company of Bratz dolls?
MGA Entertainment
13) 'One village a week' motto of?
Great Indian Dream Foundation or Planman consulting of Arindham Chaudhri
14) Award won by Satyam for 'Excellence in Corporate Governance'?
Golden Peacock Award
15) Some question related to Sodexo
16) What is special about Spiderman comic number 583?
Barack Obama makes an appearrance
17) Which journal recently completed 100 yrs and is still 'soldiering on'?
Sainik Samachar
18) Pic of PRS oberoi
19) 'Brushes with History' An autobiography by?
K K Birla
20) 'Yuva Hindustani' by whom?
Jindal Steel
21) State with largest iron ore reserves in India?
22) Company associated with graphic effects in 'Love Story 2050'?
Sun microsystems
23) Name of Aamir khan's company in Ghajini?
24) Pic of Francisco D'souza
25) Pic of R K Mishra
26) Pic of Jagdish Bhatti
27) Pic of K S Kohli of Frankfinn
28) Pic of Atul Kasbekar
29) Pic of Tulsi Tanti
30) Pic of Sanjeev Bhikchandani
31) Pic of Thomas Friedman
32) Pic of Dilip Kapoor
33) Pic of Donald Trump
34) Pic of John Chambers
35) Pic of Michael Dell
36) Pic of Martha Stewart
37) Pic of Dr. Devi Shetty
38) FOIS is operated by which Indian organization?
Indian Railways (Freight Operations Information Systems)
39) 'International Iron & Steel Institute' (IISI) now known as?
World Steel Association
40) Who is chairman, World Steel Association?
L N Mittal
41) '24 Karat Bandhan' is the royalty program of?
Essar Hypermarket
42) Western Cluster Ironore project
43) Connect elaksh, Innoquiz, Innovation day.
44) Some question on Murphy's Law
45) Bernard weber associated with?
New seven wonders of the world
46) Some question on disruptive innovation
47) what term was given by Tim O Reily?
Web 2.0
48) Some question on the 'The Bonsai Manager' by S. Gopalakrishnan
49) Pic of Dewang Mehta
50) Pic of Vinay Chhaglani
51) Pic of Gautam Goswami
52) Pic of Subrota Bagchi
53) Pic of Dilip Sangvi
54) Pic of Vinod Dham
55) Pic of Krishna Palepu
56) Pic of Aditya Chopra
57) Pic of Swati Piramal
58) Pic of Ashok Soota
59) Pic of Uday Kotak
60) Pic of Tarun Khanna of HBS
61) Pic of Harish Bijoor
63) Largest Reservoir of Iron ore in the world
64) New name of Neeraj Steel
Mukund Steel
65) Sail has a strategic alliance with which steel company?
66) Some question on Coca cola ad
67) The ad agency that has partnered with BMC for the clean Mumbai campaign?
68) Some question on the Apple-like logo controversy between Apple Inc. and New york muncipal Dept.
69) Pic of Keynes
70) Who owns 'Alta Loma Entertainment'?
Hugh Hefner
71) Which bank has a special account '2611' wherein people can deposit funds for 26/11 victims?
Axis Bank
72) Disability Employer of the Year in India?
Ibm India
73) Which Indian company has tied up to have its particular brands cobranded with winnie the Pooh?
74) Which company operates 'HOME' online place for gamers?
75) Richest Women in India?
Savitri Jindal
76) Largest M&A deal till date?
77) Top search on Indian Zeitgeist List 2008 released by Google?
How to reduce weight
78) Which company has started a 'Sustainability Index' as its CSR initiative?
British Telecom
79) Which Indian movie became the first to have its trailor debut on Apple.com
Chandni Chowk to China
80) 'You press the button, we do the rest' whose tagline?
81) Which company has patented the number '31'?
Baskin Robbins
82) Which company was involved in a legal battle with the US Red Cross for the red cross logo?
Johnson & Johnson
83) Ruben Rausing' family is associated with which famous company?
84) Which company has begun the site http://www.controlcosts.com/?
85) Pic of VR Raju, new NIA chief
86) Why was SRK awarded Datuk by the Malaysian Government?
For shooting 1,2 ka 4 in Malaysia
87) Pic of Posco CEO
For the Quiz review, click SAIL Quiz North Zone: Cheating steals the show..!!...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

SAIL Quiz North Zone: Cheating steals the show..!!

Quizmasters: SPS Jaggi & Jacob Kurien
Location: India Habitat Center
Sail quiz north zone prelims began pretty well. Arrangements were good, participation was even better. After a long time, it was a quiz where corporate teams were practically competing among themselves, not with the students & vice versa.
Some student and corporate teams formed cartels in order to maximize their chances of qualifying for the finals. Teams were openly discussing the answers during prelims. Quizzers indulging in such a glorified behavior included regulars on the NCR circuit. I myself reprimanded them once but was told to mind my own business. I brought the same to the notice of the organizers in the middle of the prelims but the reply I got said it all:

“Sorry, we are not concerned”.

As soon as the prelims got over and the answer sheets were being collected, I spoke to both the quizmasters about the cheating being done; I got a very responsible answer from even more responsible quizmasters:

“It’s a tough quiz; even if four teams do it together they won’t qualify”

Even a 2 yr old knows that four quizzing souls are any day better than two quizzing souls and when these souls are regulars on the circuit, they are a threat to other quizzers participating irrespective of the difficulty level of the quiz. If the quiz was a tough one, it was tough for everyone and in no way gives one the license to cheat.
When prelim results were announced, we miraculously qualified for the finals along with the cheating student and corporate teams. Because the cheating teams qualified, a lot many deserving teams (NTPC, IIM-A etc.) failed to qualify. The only question is “Did the teams which qualified (some even won eventually) deserved to be on the stage”?

Sail throughout the quiz prided itself on the fact that the quiz was conducted by its own internal band of quizmasters unlike NTPC electron etc; but the same fact made the quizmasters ignorant of the cheating being done in the hall and tarnished Sail’s image rather than add to it. Some quizzers are materialistic and given a chance will always cheat to win but isn’t it the responsibility of the quizmaster to act responsibly especially after the act was brought to their notice by other teams. Isn’t protecting the integrity of a quiz the most important job of a quizmaster?
Eventually a quiz is only as fair as the quizmaster. Unfortunately, quizmasters Jaggi & Jacob failed to act even after repeatedly being reminded of the cheating happening in the hall. I spoke to other teams in the hall and all agreed on the same but were incapable of doing anything.
Finally the questions were really good, quizmasters witty and if the cheating part taken out, it would have been a great quiz overall. After the zonal round was over, I made a quick exit.
The North zone and Sail employees quiz questions will be posted in two days time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

NTPC Electron North Zone Finals

NTPC Electron North Zone Finals had normal difficulty questions regularly encountered in daily quizzes. Although the quiz was well coordinated and conducted, none of the questions had the 'wow' factor. The video ads were a direct rip-off from Youtube. Eventually the quizmaster Kunal was good, arrangements were great but the content could have been better. As promised earlier, here i am with the questions:

1) Which was the first company to introduce quartz wrist watches?
2) Which bank was established in 1911 by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala?
Central Bank of India
3) Tadawul is the stock exchange of which country?
Saudi Arabia
4) Which former Asian prime minister bought a stake in the FC Manchester City?
Thaksin Sinawatra
5) Which bank was esyablished in 1865 by a Scotsman named Thomas Sutherland who wanted a bank operating on "sound Scottish banking principles"?
6) Which Financial institution was founded under the name Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd. in 1938.
Dena Bank
7) Pic of Rony Screwala
8) Pic of Vishal Retail founder Ramchandra agrawal
9) Pic of AK 47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov
10) Pic of Yograj Singh
11) Pic of Ruia Brothers
12) Jonga (4X4), a vehicle used by the Indian Army was designed by which company?
13) Developed by Robert Chesebrough, gets its name from two German words?
14) Developed by Spencer Silver in 1969?
Post it Notes
15) Why was CSN in news in 2006?
Corus acquisition bid war with Tata Steel
16) Which OPEC is set to leave the organization since it is going to be a net oil importer in near future?
17) Fevicol Ad
18) Glycodin Cough Syrup Ad
19) Amitabh Bachan Lead India Ad
20) Tata Indicom 'Pathan Brothers' Ad
21) Asian Paints ad
22) ACC ad
23) What business did Sharp begin with?
Pencil manufacturing
24) Pic of Lileanne Beattencourt, identify the company?
25) Pharmaceutical company incorporated at Vadodara in 1907 by X (coudnt get it).
26) Which process of mass iron production was patented in 1855?
Bessemer process
27) S Dhanabalan is the Chairman of which organization?
Temasek Holdings
28) Some question about the history of spam.
29) Pic of Anousheh Ansari
30) Some question about the origin of bar code.
31) Pic of Greek tycoon Onassis
32) Pic of Erin Brokowich
33) Pic of Vanessa Mittal
34) Pic of Parmindra Nagra
35) Pic of Yukos founder
Audience questions:
1) Which company was incorporated on 25th August 1948 and is now a key player in a completely different category?
2) Which rig manufactured by and bought by ONGC in 1973 has been used to drill 14 well?
Sagar Samrat
3) Pic of Muzaffar Ali
4) Pic of Young Bill Gates
5) SBI ad
6) Ponds Dreamflower ad
7) Pic of Tania Zaetta
8) Pic of David Hasellhoff