Friday, February 6, 2009

Amity Business Quiz ‘Prashna’ Review..!!

Prashna ’09 Quiz conducted by Amity Business School, Noida was a well planned and coordinated affair. Hospitality was simply great coupled with an amazing attendance. Institute Director Dr. Srivastava was present throughout the event and personally ensured a successful quiz. Organizing team and the institute in general was petty excited about the event and this was palpable from the ambience.
Although the finals were a bit lengthy, QM Gautam Bose ensured that people remained hooked onto their seats. As usual with QM Gautam’s quizzes, questions were good and a quizzer’s delight. I personally like Gautam’s quizzes for their excellent content and the fact that the answers never fail to surprise one. The event was very closely contested and four teams were in contention to win it had they answered the last question of the quiz. Eventually Bimtech won followed by IMT-Ghaziabad in the second position (IMT-G lost by 1point).
I won’t be posting the questions as QM Gautam doesn’t like his quizzes to circulate online. In one sentence ‘Prashna 09 was well coordinated and a truly entertaining affair’.

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