Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idea Brand Equity Pune Review & Questions

Its been a long time since i posted anything, i guess corporate life keeps one busy with little time left for quizzing. Newayz Idea Brand Equity Pune round was a grand affair and possibly the best venue so far. Questions were good and ambience great. Audience prizes were really cool and there was something for everyone present. I also attended the Mumbai round on sunday but din't note down the questions as Derek made it clear beforehand that he doesn't appreciate questions circulating online...but i am sure someone else will definitely put them online. I even missed out on a cool audience prize as Derek din't like me jotting down the questions (he said so when i answered the audience question and so no regular audience prize for me) The Pune questions are given below:
Pune Prelims
1) New hotel at Wakad in Pune? (Sponsor qtn)
2) Highest tax payer politician for 2008-09?
3) Richie Rich's butler?
4) 65% of world diamond production from which continent?
5) If u serving Dom Perignon, what u serving?
6) which port did King Charles buy for 10 pounds in gold in 1668?
Mumbai port
7) Member of Brickcon, so fan of which brand?
8) First indian actress to have her foot cast at the Salvatore Ferragamo museum? (options were given)
Priyanka Chopra
9) Which city has no subway system for commuter? (options wer given)
Los Angeles
10) Highest ranking & highest earning Indian on PGA tour in 2008?
Jeev Mikha Singh
11) Which organization is responsible for security at airports?
12) 50000 black and yellow taxis in mumbai have now become...
13) Some trivia on the origin of "fanta" brand name
14)Which industrialist won assembly elections from gorakhpur-benarus constituency? (ptions given)
G D Birla
15) ' You are Fired' is what Donald Trump says to eliminated candidates on The Apprentice. What does Martha Stewart Say?
16) Kam Air is the first private airline of which country?
17) Some quote from Peter Drucker
18) Onion______ season lasts from August to November (Rabi or Kharif)
19) Indian brand with a green date palm symbolizi9ng logo which stands for puriyt?
20) Which country has got the biggest loan from IMF in the current crisis? (options given)
21) E-commerce term where two computer networks meet and exchange data?
22) Nicholas Cadbury said "There is no such thing as a career _____, it is crazy paving & you have to lay it urself"
23) British equivalent of german AG
24) 2005 Padma Bhushan awardee, IIT-Rorkee & Stanford graduate. IT field.
Azim Premji
26) Print Ad from Maharastra Tourism
27) Pic of Australian Open ball boys. Which insurance company sponsors?
Aviva Ball Boys
28) Cover of "It Happened in India"
29) Pic of PUMA animal.
30) Print ad of Dr. Scholls Shoes.

1) Southwest airline has been _____ for the last 23yrs?
2) What was Barbie's original profession?
3) C. Rajagopalachari gave the term?
License Raj
4) 1961 act, section 29 of indian constitution. what?
Dowry Prohibition Act
5) Baharia Paints & Travels owned by?
Pakistan Army
6) Head & Shoulders print ad
7) Pic of Golden Peacock award
8) Pic of Alan Greenspan
9) Pic of Blu Ray Disc
10) Pic of Speedee. Who's the new mascot?
Ronald Mcdonald
11) Pic of poster of Malamaal Weekly
12) some question on Basmati rice with the chemical responsible for its aroma
13) Mosi Beer is named after which world heritage site?
Victoria Falls
14) Section 23 of SEBI says.....
Crown Jewels
15) in 1960's, Mumbai's Ratan Khatri & Kalyanji Bhagat were pioneers of what?
16) TFM is measured for which product?
Soap (it is Total Fat Content)
17) First commercial woman to find space at Madam Tussauds?
Singapore Airlines Girl
18) Awards given by Maharastra Commision for Woman : Duryodhan & Ravan. what is Duryodhan for?
Gender Insensitiveness towards woman in ads
19) What is Taxodous?
Going to Tax HAven to file tax as tax filling is difficult in host country
20) A campaign to entice Americans to fly to Havana "Bathe in ____ _____ in 2hrs from now"
Bacardi Rum
21) Biological name of species given. Which bird?
22) What is 'Share of Voice' concept?
Percentage of Ad spend that a particular brand commands out of the total ad spend for that product category
23) Some question on the inventors of Breast Implants
24) John Abraham ad. what for?
To vote
25) Some song containing 'Chevrolet" in it. singer?
Elton John
26) Some Radio Mirchi jingle. Composer?
A R Rahman
27) Clip from "Traffic signal" movie. Identify movie.
28) Song from 'Hum aapke hain kaun". Identify movie?
29) Naiki Mandi slum in UP makes its living from?
selling Taj Mahal Replics
30) What is a 'Perkin's Brailler'
Braille Type Writer
31) Apparel Brand which has 4Ls in its name? (Sponsor Qtn)
Allen Solly
32) Last S means what in 5 S's concept?
to sustain
33) In 1928, Thomas Dilluri company was very powerful in India. why?
Printed all currency notes

Sorry din't take down the Mumbai qtns as Derek would'nt have like it. But the Mumbai round was superb and Derek as usual SIMPLY GREAT.