Tuesday, July 22, 2008

QUIZZ autopsyy # 6

Here are the answers to QUIZZ autopsy # 6. Next quiz will be uploaded soon. This time it will be a mega quiz…so keep checkin.
1) Columbia University (designer :Howard Dietz)
2) Viagra (what else…)
3) Connect: Rajasthan Royals
Dimitri Mascarenhas: only English player to play in IPL(for Rajasthan Royals)
Team anthem, 'Halla Bol' sung by Ila Arun
Jeremy Snape: High Performance coach and Psychologist
4) Dunkin’s Donuts
5) Google Doodle
Dennis Hwang: Designer of Google Doodle
Black Rock city where “The Burning Man” Festival is held. First doodle was based on the festival.
6) Taro Pharmaceuticals
7) Sahara India Parivar
8) China Barbie
9) All are brand ambassadors for mobile phone companies in India
Aamir Khan: Samsung
Sharukh: Nokia
Abhishek: Motorola
Hritik: Sony Erikson
10) Noel Tata of Trent

Sunday, July 13, 2008

QUIZ autopsyy # 6

A little exercise for the grey cells over the weekend...! Mail me the answers at ash_thebull@yahoo.co.in at the earliest. Answers with scores in a week's time..!!

1) MGM logo features a lion. The designer of the logo featured this lion in the logo as a tribute to his alma mater. Which university?

2) Classic ad for what?

3) Connect.

4) In 2006, a series of commercials for this brand referred to a fictional language “Fritalian”. Which brand?

5) connect.

6) Logo of which organization?(hint: recently in news in India)

7) It has an employee base of 910,000 kartavyayogis (workers) without any kind of trade union. It Holds the Guinness World Record for planting maximum number of trees in a stipulated time. It Conducts mass marriage ceremony of 101 underprivileged girls every year. Which Organization?

8) identify.

9) Connect.

10) Identify the retail personality.

Monday, July 7, 2008

QUIZ autopsyy # 5 Keyy

1) Liverpool Retail India Ltd.
2) a. Severstal
b. CSN
c. Daiichi Sankyo
3) Queenspark Rangers FC
4) Bhumi Vardaan Foundation
5) Prince Charles