Friday, February 6, 2009

Amity Business Quiz ‘Prashna’ Review..!!

Prashna ’09 Quiz conducted by Amity Business School, Noida was a well planned and coordinated affair. Hospitality was simply great coupled with an amazing attendance. Institute Director Dr. Srivastava was present throughout the event and personally ensured a successful quiz. Organizing team and the institute in general was petty excited about the event and this was palpable from the ambience.
Although the finals were a bit lengthy, QM Gautam Bose ensured that people remained hooked onto their seats. As usual with QM Gautam’s quizzes, questions were good and a quizzer’s delight. I personally like Gautam’s quizzes for their excellent content and the fact that the answers never fail to surprise one. The event was very closely contested and four teams were in contention to win it had they answered the last question of the quiz. Eventually Bimtech won followed by IMT-Ghaziabad in the second position (IMT-G lost by 1point).
I won’t be posting the questions as QM Gautam doesn’t like his quizzes to circulate online. In one sentence ‘Prashna 09 was well coordinated and a truly entertaining affair’.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sail Golden Jubilee Quiz Questions..!!

As Promised earlier, here i am with the Sail Quiz questions. There were two semifinals followed by a final for the Sail employees only quiz. Apart from this, north zone round and all India finals were also held at India Habitat Center in Delhi. Instead of presenting all quizzes differently, i have clubbed questions together.
1) 'Citizen First' is the motto / tagline of which organization?
Delhi Police
2) In collaboration with which Indian celebrity has the TSA group launched a realty project in Dubai off the Ras Al Khaimah coast?
Sharukh Khan
3) Some quote by Abraham Lincoln
4) 'Yeh World Hamara Hai' tagline of?
Indian Idol
5) Pic of Anita Roddick
6) Pic of HBS prof. Rakesh Khurana
7) Most searched on Google in 2008?
Sarah Palin
8) Pics of Rama Raju & Teja Raju
9) Pic of Bernard Madoff
10) JV partner of in Funskool
11) Sole maker of Swiss knife in the world
12) Parent company of Bratz dolls?
MGA Entertainment
13) 'One village a week' motto of?
Great Indian Dream Foundation or Planman consulting of Arindham Chaudhri
14) Award won by Satyam for 'Excellence in Corporate Governance'?
Golden Peacock Award
15) Some question related to Sodexo
16) What is special about Spiderman comic number 583?
Barack Obama makes an appearrance
17) Which journal recently completed 100 yrs and is still 'soldiering on'?
Sainik Samachar
18) Pic of PRS oberoi
19) 'Brushes with History' An autobiography by?
K K Birla
20) 'Yuva Hindustani' by whom?
Jindal Steel
21) State with largest iron ore reserves in India?
22) Company associated with graphic effects in 'Love Story 2050'?
Sun microsystems
23) Name of Aamir khan's company in Ghajini?
24) Pic of Francisco D'souza
25) Pic of R K Mishra
26) Pic of Jagdish Bhatti
27) Pic of K S Kohli of Frankfinn
28) Pic of Atul Kasbekar
29) Pic of Tulsi Tanti
30) Pic of Sanjeev Bhikchandani
31) Pic of Thomas Friedman
32) Pic of Dilip Kapoor
33) Pic of Donald Trump
34) Pic of John Chambers
35) Pic of Michael Dell
36) Pic of Martha Stewart
37) Pic of Dr. Devi Shetty
38) FOIS is operated by which Indian organization?
Indian Railways (Freight Operations Information Systems)
39) 'International Iron & Steel Institute' (IISI) now known as?
World Steel Association
40) Who is chairman, World Steel Association?
L N Mittal
41) '24 Karat Bandhan' is the royalty program of?
Essar Hypermarket
42) Western Cluster Ironore project
43) Connect elaksh, Innoquiz, Innovation day.
44) Some question on Murphy's Law
45) Bernard weber associated with?
New seven wonders of the world
46) Some question on disruptive innovation
47) what term was given by Tim O Reily?
Web 2.0
48) Some question on the 'The Bonsai Manager' by S. Gopalakrishnan
49) Pic of Dewang Mehta
50) Pic of Vinay Chhaglani
51) Pic of Gautam Goswami
52) Pic of Subrota Bagchi
53) Pic of Dilip Sangvi
54) Pic of Vinod Dham
55) Pic of Krishna Palepu
56) Pic of Aditya Chopra
57) Pic of Swati Piramal
58) Pic of Ashok Soota
59) Pic of Uday Kotak
60) Pic of Tarun Khanna of HBS
61) Pic of Harish Bijoor
63) Largest Reservoir of Iron ore in the world
64) New name of Neeraj Steel
Mukund Steel
65) Sail has a strategic alliance with which steel company?
66) Some question on Coca cola ad
67) The ad agency that has partnered with BMC for the clean Mumbai campaign?
68) Some question on the Apple-like logo controversy between Apple Inc. and New york muncipal Dept.
69) Pic of Keynes
70) Who owns 'Alta Loma Entertainment'?
Hugh Hefner
71) Which bank has a special account '2611' wherein people can deposit funds for 26/11 victims?
Axis Bank
72) Disability Employer of the Year in India?
Ibm India
73) Which Indian company has tied up to have its particular brands cobranded with winnie the Pooh?
74) Which company operates 'HOME' online place for gamers?
75) Richest Women in India?
Savitri Jindal
76) Largest M&A deal till date?
77) Top search on Indian Zeitgeist List 2008 released by Google?
How to reduce weight
78) Which company has started a 'Sustainability Index' as its CSR initiative?
British Telecom
79) Which Indian movie became the first to have its trailor debut on
Chandni Chowk to China
80) 'You press the button, we do the rest' whose tagline?
81) Which company has patented the number '31'?
Baskin Robbins
82) Which company was involved in a legal battle with the US Red Cross for the red cross logo?
Johnson & Johnson
83) Ruben Rausing' family is associated with which famous company?
84) Which company has begun the site
85) Pic of VR Raju, new NIA chief
86) Why was SRK awarded Datuk by the Malaysian Government?
For shooting 1,2 ka 4 in Malaysia
87) Pic of Posco CEO
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