Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track)

TATA Crucible Corporate National Finals 09 (External Track) was a great show with a lessor known team emerging victorious.

Round 1

1) What was invented by 29 yr old Felix in 1899 when working in a chemical factory.


2) 'SSP ticker', books Grand Hyatt Washington DC on a special day every year.


3) In 1940s, US post started 'V mail' or 'Victory mail'. Give funda

In order to optimally utilize transport space during WW II, mails were scanned onto photofilms and transported.

4) In 1957, whirlpool developed Zg refrigerators. What does Zg stand for?

Zero Gravity

5) P3 is a UK based company that bouniture from Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh. This scrap was later sold in Uk. Put funda.

Furniture designed by Le Corbusier bought as scrap and sold as Antique in UK

6) What does Pinnawala Orphanage produce in Srilanka.

It's an elephant orphanage and produces stationary out of Elephant dung

Round 2

1) Most are made in the "traditional style" or 'Chalet', some more trivia.

Cuckoo clocks

2) Before surgeons, which professionals used to perform surgeries in UK.


3) Pic of bikini island. Identify the product.


4) Pic of Hafeez contractor & HP. Put funda

Hafeez appeared in HP ads and was subsequently banned from practicing by the Architects association

5) Pic given What did it give us.

The word 'Sedan'

6) Pic shown. what?

First Cash coupon ever issued by the Govt. of Bikaner

7) Pawnbroker's symbol

8) Pic of person given. Identify the landmark.

pic of Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, BSE

9) IMoLIN. What?

Organization to track money laundering

Round 3

1) Qtn on Shayamal Gupta

2) Nano homes


3) Qtn on Homai Vyarawala

Tata Nano


Tata Tea

Round 5

1) Pic of some of Lady Diana's social initiatives. Song by Elton John played.

Lady Diana

2) Pic of tiger, palm tree and James Taylor. Voice of Dr. Manmohan Singh as RBI governor.


3) Qtn on Bubbagump Shrimp company

4) Bhagvad gita audio played in the background. Akshya tritiya pic, some more pics


5) Founded in Lahore in 1894, pic of Lala Lajpatrai, logo of Dalmia Group


6) Pic of Ronit Roy, Shahid kapoor song from Kaminey, some pics


7) Indian, old factory pic, song from Mangal Pandey.

Royal Enfield

8) Pic of iphone, vodafone ad, India Book house

ACK Media

Round 5

1) Qtn on Mr. Eliyahu Goldratt

2) Question on Bell company

3) Question on Back Swan


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