Monday, October 5, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate Semifinals 09 (Semi final 2)

Semi Finals 2

Round 1

1) 'S in motion' is a program by which steel major to reduce the weight of cars by 20%.

Arcelor Mittal

2) Trivia on AXA logo

3) What does GSM stand for in the paper industry.

Grams per sq.m

4) X is Australian English word meaning a small lake, specifically an oxbow lake, a section of still water adjacent to a river, cut off by a change in the watercourse, cf. an oxbow lake.


5) Acqusition of which company led to ownership of brands like KitKat, etc to Nestle


6) What was founded by Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky & Jen Hsun Huang in 1993?


Round 2

1) X was the term used by the Romans to refer to the Roman province covering much of the island of Great Britain. The area beyond the Antonine Wall belonging to the Picts in the north was known as Caledonia. The name itself derives from Pretannia,[1] Diodorus's rendering of the indigenous name for the Pretani people whom the Greeks believed to inhabit the British Isles.


2) Which organisation was created in 1936 and people like FE Dinshaw, Khataus etc associated with it.


3) Some qtn on commodity trade code

4) What began at the 'Green Room' on March 27, 1956 as the free enterprise.

Nani Palkiwala's annual budget speech

5) Company Zespri has a patent for?

Kiwi Fruit

6) What word originated form the italian for 'to train horses'


7) What is the difference between 'Whiskey' & 'Whisky'

Whiskey doesn't contain coffee

8) Sir Isaac Pitman qho gave us shorthand writing, something trivia on penny plate was the first instance of what?

First Correspondence course

9) In 1904, a Russian immigrant, Hyman Kirsch, founded a soft drink business in New York City. This was the first instance of?

Diet plan

Round 3

1) Some qtn on American Express

2) Qtn on the latest Mont Blanc Gandhi pen

3) Wilson Greatbatch invented in 1970. What?

Artificial Pacemaker

4) pic of 'OK' brand was given Identify the parent.

Coca Cola

5) Pic of coins was given. Identfiy the significance.

coins to commensurate Suez canal

6) Hathiwala cream & other trivia.


7) Marzotta Group now owns it.

Hugo Boss

8) "Facts of life" book published by whom?



1) 'Trick or Treat' box during halloween. Which nobel winning organization?


2) Named after Mallik and Dilhan


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