Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TATA Crucible Corporate Finals 09 (Internal Track)

As promised earlier, TATA Crucible finals qtns are posted here:

Round 1 & 2

1) Pic of Sumant Malgaonkar shown. Identify the brand.

Tata Sumo

2) A refrigerator diagram shown. Who's behind the diagram.

Albert Einstein

3) Discovered by Anselme Payen and named as.... some more trivia.


4) Winston Churchill famously said about it " In victory deserve it, in defeat need it"

Pol Roger

5) Jerseys from Tour de France were shown. Identify the event.

Tour de France

6) Old logo of US post

7) Developed by Sandeep & Ketan Shah, this vegetable form of a product created enough controversy in UK.

Vegetarian condom

8) Founded in 1918 as Shokosha Watch Research Institute.

Citizen Watch co

9) Game developed by FX technologies and apes Max Payne's style.

Ghajini movie game

10) APCD model pic.

Edward Deming

11) Developed by Albert Pick & published by Krause publications. What is Pick catalog for?


12) Some qtn on initial marketing campaign of sunlight soap by Lever brothers

13) Some qtn on Pizza hut

14) Pic of Raflesia flower & founder

Raffles hotel

15) 3 books shown. Author?

Dalai Lama

Round 3 (Tata round)

1) Kellogs honey loops campaign.

Tata Elxsi

2) Croma tieup to promote kitchen products

Wander chef by Sanjeev Kapoor

3) Tata press JV qtn

4) Tata Precision Industries prmoted by which bank from Singapore


5) Merrin Pharma was founded in 1958. Who was the principal partner.


Round 4

1) Pic of Courtney co & Preity zinta

Cox & Kings

2) Pic of Calvin Kelein & God Prahlad

CK Prahlad

3) Thomas cook

4) Dutch flag, a sheel & Royal crown

Royal Dutch Shell

Round 5

1) This term came into being in 1929 in New York World Magazine


2) book 'Leader in me'

Steven Covey

3) Began his career at 'Asian Travel Writer's association' & some other trivia.

Dewang Mehta

4) Died in 1860 at Kolkatta of dysentry, some other trivia

J M Wilson of Economist

5) Definition of Crucible

After a great show, TCS succeeded in successfuly defending their title.

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