Friday, December 19, 2008

NTPC Electron North Zone Finals

NTPC Electron North Zone Finals had normal difficulty questions regularly encountered in daily quizzes. Although the quiz was well coordinated and conducted, none of the questions had the 'wow' factor. The video ads were a direct rip-off from Youtube. Eventually the quizmaster Kunal was good, arrangements were great but the content could have been better. As promised earlier, here i am with the questions:

1) Which was the first company to introduce quartz wrist watches?
2) Which bank was established in 1911 by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala?
Central Bank of India
3) Tadawul is the stock exchange of which country?
Saudi Arabia
4) Which former Asian prime minister bought a stake in the FC Manchester City?
Thaksin Sinawatra
5) Which bank was esyablished in 1865 by a Scotsman named Thomas Sutherland who wanted a bank operating on "sound Scottish banking principles"?
6) Which Financial institution was founded under the name Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd. in 1938.
Dena Bank
7) Pic of Rony Screwala
8) Pic of Vishal Retail founder Ramchandra agrawal
9) Pic of AK 47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov
10) Pic of Yograj Singh
11) Pic of Ruia Brothers
12) Jonga (4X4), a vehicle used by the Indian Army was designed by which company?
13) Developed by Robert Chesebrough, gets its name from two German words?
14) Developed by Spencer Silver in 1969?
Post it Notes
15) Why was CSN in news in 2006?
Corus acquisition bid war with Tata Steel
16) Which OPEC is set to leave the organization since it is going to be a net oil importer in near future?
17) Fevicol Ad
18) Glycodin Cough Syrup Ad
19) Amitabh Bachan Lead India Ad
20) Tata Indicom 'Pathan Brothers' Ad
21) Asian Paints ad
22) ACC ad
23) What business did Sharp begin with?
Pencil manufacturing
24) Pic of Lileanne Beattencourt, identify the company?
25) Pharmaceutical company incorporated at Vadodara in 1907 by X (coudnt get it).
26) Which process of mass iron production was patented in 1855?
Bessemer process
27) S Dhanabalan is the Chairman of which organization?
Temasek Holdings
28) Some question about the history of spam.
29) Pic of Anousheh Ansari
30) Some question about the origin of bar code.
31) Pic of Greek tycoon Onassis
32) Pic of Erin Brokowich
33) Pic of Vanessa Mittal
34) Pic of Parmindra Nagra
35) Pic of Yukos founder
Audience questions:
1) Which company was incorporated on 25th August 1948 and is now a key player in a completely different category?
2) Which rig manufactured by and bought by ONGC in 1973 has been used to drill 14 well?
Sagar Samrat
3) Pic of Muzaffar Ali
4) Pic of Young Bill Gates
5) SBI ad
6) Ponds Dreamflower ad
7) Pic of Tania Zaetta
8) Pic of David Hasellhoff


  1. Ashish,You are correct.The WOW Factor is definitely missing.The Agency needs to pull up its socks as it has a habit of repeating questions from other Quizzes.

  2. hey guys can u tell me from where i can get such questions as i have participated in EQ...